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Ace Technologies Corp. provides total solution from component, module such like TMA to RRH system in mobile network based on 30 years technology know-how.

Active antenna system technology integrates several radio frequency (RF) components (power amplifiers and transceivers) with the antenna dipoles. This enables the phase and amplitude of the signals from each dipole inside the antenna to be electronically controlled. Benefits include more flexible deployment, improved capacity and coverage, smaller installation and lower power consumption, while also supporting a multi-technology network. Active antenna systems will boost existing base station site efficiency and performance. The technology can even be used to create micro and macro cells simultaneously by using the same hardware located at the macro base station. Active antenna system technology is set to bring new levels of flexibility to the base station and create a customer experience matched to the needs of every individual.

Various product types (Single filter, Diplexer, Duplexer and Multiband filter) per Mobile telecommunication bandwidth (UMTS, GSM900, 1800, 1900, etc) can be realized to Air cavity, Dielectric Resonator and Waveguide type. We promise to supply the most suitable product based on product reliability provided to Major OEMs during 15 years per various bandwidth DCS, GSM, UPCS, UMTS, Wibro and Wi-Fi,). We suggest the most optimum specification such as low cost, light weight and provide the simulation considering customer’s requirements per bandwidth (Size, connector type, electrical specification, Mount spec, Outdoor application).

- 450MHz ~ 18GHz band design provides
- Low insertion loss, High power handing, High isolation, Low IMD specificity
- Optimal Hign “Q” value Design
- Out door Application
- Light weight, Low cost

The product which is necessary component for base station composition per frequency and product is possessed. Most of product is applied to low cost through Die casting and can be supplied through mass product experience. Also optimized system for customized product is obsessed.

The product
Delay filter
RF Switch(High Power)

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