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The area of Antenna Products of ACE has lined up from Marco-Cell to Pico Cell. Recognized appearances, stable radiation patterns, and applicable wide multi-band to common BTS use bring high qualities of coverage. Ace Technologies is leading new trends of Antenna technologies.

Ace Technologies is the leading company of base station antenna and have various antenna products from Pager to CDMA, PCS, 2G/3G/4G, LTE system (all of mobile communication frequency bandwidth). The antenna products with stable and optimized radiation pattern and low PIMD value are designed to optimize all kinds of wireless network system. ACE is now leading Antenna technology on wireless communication service by applying broad multiband technology that is essential to share base station. Also Ace Technologies dedicates to eco-friendly design that satisfy RoHS, ETSI, IEC specification with mechanical, environmental reliability.

Preparing to Update the Catalogue. Please request information by an e-mail ( regarding the new products and which are not included in the catalogue.

Ace Technologies has in-building antennas such as Yagi, Patch and Omni. One bandwidth solution for 2G/3G/4G, CDMA system and Multi/Wideband solution for any band or any type repeater can be served with best quality. The recognized outer appearance matching with internal environment will be the best antenna to build in-building system. Especially, the Cell environment or suppressing side lobe per equipment/system, ICS antenna of high Front to back ratio and eco-friendly antenna will be provided very special solution in the specific environment.

The product which is necessary component for base station composition per frequency and product is possessed. Most of product is applied to low cost through Die casting and can be supplied through mass product experience. Also optimized system for customized product is obsessed.

The product
Metal Stamping
Rod Antenna
Laptop/PCs Antenna

ACE provides diverse Antenna solution for every wireless LAN equipment like diverse Gain's omnidirectional antenna, a directional antenna and Beam-forming/beam-selecting antenna that works perfectly on 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi. Especially it has its own MIMO(Multi Input Multi Output) antenna technique, which suggests/develop/has Antenna solution that's suitable for Mesh Network that has mass traffic.

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