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Policy of private information handling

ACE set a high value on customer’s private information and follow “the law for Information communication and protect”

Through the Policy of private information handling, ACE informs to customer how the private information is used.

If there is something update or revised the Policy of private information handling, ACE will notice on website or individually.

This policy goes into effect since 1st July, 2011

What private information collect

ACE has been collecting private information for membership, counsel and AS and so on.

-. Collection article : Name, Birth, Sex, Log in ID, Password, Phone No, Address, Cell phone no. E-mail
           Job, Company name, Department, Grade, Company phone no. Record AS, Connect log, Cookie, IP.
-. How to collect private information : Home page (membership, web site bulletin board)

The purpose of private information collecting and using

ACE use collected private information as below purpose.

-. Calculate charge for service contract fulfillment and provide contents
-. To confirm identify, check member join, dissatisfaction and inform
-. To send advertising information such as marketing and advertising event, check the log-in frequency or status
     of membership service.

Using period and Private information possession

ACE destroy without exception after get the purpose as collection private information and using purpose

The process of private information destruction

As a rule, ACE destroys without exception after get the purpose as collection private information and using purpose. The process of private information destruction is as below.

-. The destruction process
The member’s information is saved on another DB after get specific purpose and destruction after within a certain period as policy. The information on another DB is not accepted using for except original purpose.
-. How to destroy
The saved private information electrically destroy with skillful method to not use again

Provide private information

ACE does not provide user’s information to the outside except as below case.

-. Users agreed in advance
-. As provided by the law or requested by investigating agency based on law

Collected personal information consignment

We do not consign personal information to other company without customer’s consent. In case it is necessary, we will inform Consignment Company and contents of work to customer in advance and will receive prior consent from customer.

User’s and legal representative’s right and way to exercise

User and legal representative can check and revise their own personal information or children’s under full 14 years old. Also they can ask to cancel registration. User or children under full 14 years old can check and revise personal information through ‘personal information change’ (or ‘Member information modification’) and cancel registration through ‘membership cancellation’ including identification process.
Or customer can contact to manager for personal information anytime by email, fax or telephone. In case customer request personal information modification, we don’t provide or use related personal information until personal information modification. In case the wrong personal information is already provided to the 3rd party, we will notify it to the 3rd party and ask to change it without any delay.
The deleted personal information by User or legal representative will only be handled as following ‘Personal information storage and usage period’ and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Installation & Operation for Automatic collection of personal information devices, and Rejection

We do not use the Automatic Information collecting system, when you use Internet.

Providing Customer Services for Visitor Identification

Ace Technologies operates certain department to protect visitors’ identification, and its claim managements.

-. Customer Service center
-. e-mail :

-. Manager of personal information
-. e-mail

You may file civil complaint to Customer service center or related department on any privacy protection related issue. When we receive formal written complaints at this address, We will cooperate with the appropriate regulatory authorities.

For further assistance, please contact below website for more information.

1.개인분쟁조정위원회 (
2.정보보호마크인증위원회 (
3.대검찰청 인터넷범죄수사센터 (
4.경찰청 사이버테러대응센터 (

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